People need training!  The best trainer for you is you!  Within our head (between our ears) we have a trainer and his/her dog!  Recent research on brain function shows that our "high" road, our cortex and pre-frontal cortex, is literally a trainer   Our "low" road, the genetically inherited tendencies of our brain is the dog between our ears.  It consists of the amygdala, hippocampus and the brain stem.  This is a very simplistic representation of our brains but we can use it for discussion.  Our behavior is very complex but it is easily directed by the low road part of our brain.  In our pets, the low road is evident in their behavior.  Border Collie's herd, Pointer's point, Retreiver's retreive and Bassett Hounds are a nose on four feet!  Our 'low road' is equally evident in our behavior.  In humans, because of our low road, we live our lives as if we are dogs exhibiting the behavior we inherited.

It doesn't have to be that way.  We can choose the behaviours we want!  The good news is that our "Border Collie" brains are easy to train.  We use very effective training techniques with our pets.  These same techniques make it easy to train ourselves.  The awareness that we can train ourselves and that the future can be what we want is a unique message.  When Dr. J wraps this message in pet analogies, we get it.  When we get it, just like our pets, we take action.  When we take action, we get what we want!  We watch our pets all the time.  We know what makes them tick.  It turns out that the behaviors that make our pets succeed can help us succeed.

In his talks, Dr. J helps us understand the trainer and his/her dog between our ears.  He takes us on a journey with Joss and has her teach us the Joss Principle.  Hannah shows us how to find the "sunny spots" in our lives and keep them there.  We'll look to see how you can tell if you are 'herding in all the wrong places."  Finally, with a Rabbit interlude and some Terrior bliss the road to our lives is made clear!  Dr. J brings a fun filled and thoughtful reframe on how to look at our world and create success.   


Skeeter Loy:  Herding in all the right places.

71                                                                             Hannah:  In her sunny spot!!





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